The Name

Where did the name come from?

Although we consider that we “made this name up”, there are certainly others in the world with the name Avelynn – but not too many that we’ve found so far!  Here’s how we got here:

Even before we were actually pregnant, we discussed wanting a name as unique and distinctive as Annalisa – feminine, flowing, distinctive but not too different.  Something that sounded like a real name but was pretty uncommon.  We’ve always liked the name Evelyn so at some point we came up with Avelyn / Avelynn / Avelynne as a unique variation on Evelyn. 

Then, of course, we wanted to match “Annalisa” in one other way – we own (Scott had registered it way back in the day when buying your own domain name was very rare).  But it left us with a high bar to match – it’s pretty unusual in this day and age to own the domain name for your first name.

More than a year ago, we discovered that the domain name for Avelynne (with an ‘e’ at the end) was available, and we bought it – just in case we ever wanted it!!  After we became pregnant and started discussing names, Avelynn/Avelynne came back up as a possible name after several other possibilities had come and gone.  Just to be sure, we checked if (without the last ‘e’) was available – it was, sort of.  Someone had owned it once but hadn’t renewed it, and it was in the “limbo” period where no one new could buy it, but the former owner hadn’t renewed it.  We put in a bid and lo and behold, we got it!!

We were very happy we were able to get the domain name, because in the meantime we’d really fallen in love with the name Avelynn.  And now she’ll have her own web site just like her big sis does!

So yes, it’s true, the geek Turners picked a baby name partially based on web site domain name availability.   Avelynn is a 21st century baby for sure!

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