Hospital Info

If you’re planning to visit when we’re at the hospital, here are the details!


The hospital is Trinity Medical Center:  Click here for Google Map

It’s just North of 290 on Highway 36 / S. Day Street.


The nearest hotel to the Trinity Med is the Comfort Suites in Brenham:  It’s within walking distance of the hospital.

Logistics and Hospital Rules

  • Regular visitors will be very welcome once baby has arrived!  The baby should be rooming in with Mommy nearly 100% of the time until we can take her home. 
  • The hospital won’t let the baby stay in the room with Mommy if Mommy is the only adult in there and is sleeping or otherwise indisposed.   So for us to keep baby in the room (rather than in the impersonal nursery) we’ll need an awake adult at all times!
  • The maternity ward does not allow children under 11 into the delivery / baby’s room unless the child is a sibling.   (Not sure how flexible this one is, they have a big sign posted).
  • Anyone with a contagious illness should avoid the maternity ward because newborn babies have almost no immune system. 
  • Similarly, the hospital asks everyone to be very diligent with handwashing and other good hygeine habits.

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