Hello world!

Avelynn, aka "Baby Peanut", on March 22

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  1. Monica Woolard says:

    Is the first letter a long A sound? Or is it more like the name Evelyn?

  2. Scott says:

    Yes, the first letter is a long A sound, like Ava Gardner’s first name. Then the rest of the name is like the everything from the “V” in javelin. In fact, if you pronounced javelin with a long “A” and dropped the “J” completely, that would be it!

  3. Ethel Turner says:

    I have had a very busy last few days, and haven’t had a chance to check my e-mail..and I did not hear my cell phone tonight because Aunt Mae and I were at Uncle Bennys for a BBQ dinner and their house was full of people. Phyllis Hanson brought Aunt Patsy and her dog on Friday, and yesterday we had a very big family gathering ( 30 people ) here at my home. Not quite as many tonight at Benny & Phyllises home. So it was too late to return your call.
    Thanks for the update!! I will probably be talking to you tomorrow sometime. Love to all!!!

  4. Monica Woolard says:

    Very pretty! How did you find that name?

  5. Scott says:

    Well, we kinda sorta made it up, although when we searched around the internet we found that other people were already using it as a name (I’m guessing they used a time machine to jump forward and steal it from us and then use it in the past before we made it up, most likely).

    The progress of events was that one of the factors (not the *only* factor, but one of) that weighed in favor of a potential name was: could we own the domain associated with the name? We like that we own annalisa.com for Annalisa, and figured it would be nice and symmetrical to also own (baby Peanut’s name).com, too, if we could find a name that we loved that also happened to have the domain available.

    We liked the way that Avelynn sounded, but the only variant of domain name that was available had an extra ‘e’ at the end (avelynne), and we didn’t like that spelling as much and also figured that that trailing ‘e’ would lead to a very Texas-ified pronounciation of the name, like Ava Lynn, with the accent on the first *and* last syllables, so we dropped that name out of our rotation initially. However, as the weeks and months progressed, we noticed that whoever had registered avelynn.com previously had allowed the domain to expire, and also allowed the 75 day redemption period to expire. Also, when we checked it before it expired the site behind avelynn.com was simply a spam/ad site, so it wasn’t like we were poaching somebody’s personal site, or anything.

    So, we grabbed the domain and put Avelynn back into the pool of potential names. We had also registered several other potential baby name domains, but we realized that Avelynn was the name we loved and kept coming back to.

  6. Monica Woolard says:

    Scott – your delightfully dingy sister did not see the “pronunciation,” and “the name” bars on the top. I have since been to them, but I appreciate you being patient with me and answering my stupid questions! 🙂 P.S. When I told the girls Avelynn’s name yesterday, Kristen said that she had been thinking of the name “Ava” if she had a girl (I can only hope …), then Shannon said that she wants to name a girl “Evelyn” because that was Terry’s Mom’s name and she teaches violin lessons to a little girl named Evelyn. So, good choice!!

  7. Scott says:

    Ha, well, Marie just added the pronunciation and name tabs this morning, so it’s not like you had missed them previously, or anything!

  8. Monica Woolard says:

    Good – I don’t feel so bad now. What about all the other stupid things I do … no excuses 🙂

  9. Marie says:

    Yeah, I sorta tricked you with that one… you asking (along with my dad, via email) actually prompted me to put the pronunciation page on there.

  10. Please, please,little Avelynn/Peanut wait until June 13 to “pop out” of your current residence.
    Love, Mutti

  11. Ethel Turner says:

    I haven’t had a chance to call you yet, but I just want you to know that I really love the name!! It has such a beautiful sound when you say “Avelynn Rose”. All the family here really like it. I was able to show it to Aunt Mae and her grandson, Glen, before they left this AM. I am excited about seeing you on Saturday!!

  12. Marie says:

    Yay! So glad everyone likes the name. We were trying out several different middle names, but when we said Avelynn Rose it just clicked! Scott, Annalisa, and I all immediately liked it.

  13. annalisa says:

    oh she is so cute

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